Exciting Relocation Announcement!

As of Monday 9th May, we are relocating to our state of the art custom built office located in Chelsea Heights. This office was custom designed with the key objective to promote and foster a great working environment within the company. Recognising the high pressure nature of the construction industry, we have focused our efforts on providing a comfortable work place that assists employees with managing their day to day duties. 

Interaction between staff members is facilitated by incorporating an open plan office design whilst also respecting the need for privacy and noise level control. The workplace atmosphere is also enhanced by various meeting and sitting areas, both formal and informal, state of the art bathrooms and a fully fitted kitchen encouraging employees to take advantage of the appliances creating a healthier environment and eliminating the need for fast food.  The rooftop garden filled with greenery is another luxury for staff and clients to enjoy. In order to create a comfortable and productive atmosphere, natural ventilation, sunlight and the use of functional, ergonomic workstations have been maximised throughout. 

A great amount of attention to detail and thought has been put into the internal and external materials used. Innovative techniques showcased include energy efficient inverted roof, off form timber finished concrete walls and ceilings and custom cast in situ concrete reception desk.  Natural products such as the exposed concrete panels, which incorporate elements of the Builder’s Logo, and blackbutt timber cladding are some of the main elements that contribute to the distinctive character of the building. A unique feature of the front elevation is the timber louvers spaced out to spell the company name in morse code.

This building brings great architectural design and a quality of finish that is not often found in suburban commercial areas. Instead, buildings of this standard are generally funded by the public sector. As a privately owned building and design company we have been able to lead the way and deliver a product that is sure to stand out above the rest. 

MK is very proud of the finished product and is excited to share it with you! Head over to our gallery to take a look at some of the images here